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At the behest of "Bear" Smith, and out of courtesy for your feelings and intellectual capacities, I hereby give and hand down the following message:

I, Edward Joseph Harris III, am absolutely full of shit. Furthermore, the shit of which I am full is dishonest, flowery prose which I write only for catharsis.

You may go about your lives. If this had been an actual emergency, you probably would have gotten some angsty prose.
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I'm really fucking tired of atheists.
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I really need D&D back in my life. In fact, I just plain miss RPs.
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Sometimes it's just one of those days where you really wanna lapse into heresy.
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On a scale of Care Bear to Desecrating the Eucharist in front of a Nun, how mean is it to ask a Mormon just called to the missions why he's trying to convert a nation that heard the gospel in the 10th century?
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I haven't been writing much, here or anywhere else. More on that in the filter I set up this afternoon. The filter is about mental illness and other things, and if you want to be on it you can comment here or leave a screened comment a couple entries back.

Alex and I had our apartment broken into last night. It was just a temporary place but they got my external and his PS2. I'm a total wreak, he seems to be doing alright, though obviously shaken. It's funny, the stuff we miss is shit we torrented and game saves, not anything else.

It's weird to feel so unsafe. I thought about bringing some of my stuff to work, just to keep an eye on it. It's so irrational. And it's only Wednesday morning - that scares me.

Hats off to Dr. Garpu, for having recently joined the order of stodgy academics and more importantly for having decided to live in the Athens of America.

But it's summer - frappes are 2 for 1 at Newport Creamery on Mondays, Half-price movies on tuesdays, and Love is Lord of Heaven and Earth.
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Quick, one of you convince me that the Four Noble Truths are either ignoble or false.
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I'm pretty sure the only evidence I have that Christ is at work in my life is that I want evidence that Christ is at work in my life. Don't most of you believer types at least have something in your life to show for it? I know historically I haven't cared nearly as much, but I'm concerned lately with trophies and prizes, with objective measures of worth and value for my life that I can measure in the present. Even things like influence and respect, what might have once been called gravitas, are sought after but rarely found prizes these days. Maybe it's because I can't stop feeling like a sell-out no matter what I do anymore.
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Somebody compiled PDFs of past census forms and put the race/ethnicity sections online. It makes for interesting reading:
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The tournament went off with very few hitches. People were generally happy, and a Harvard team won.

I have spent the last several days in a very pink Tarshish. It was fun, and so far the whale has all been in my head.

I have a ton of writing to do for livejournal people, and that'll be done next week while I'm on Easter break. Sorry to those of you who have asked questions and waited for replies.

I don't want to finish school, I don't want to be in the real world, and I don't want to be Catholic anymore.

Still going to hell, still not sure how else to live.

Stupid brain chemicals. It didn't used to be this way.

A case

Mar. 15th, 2010 05:27 pm
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Given that Moody's has threatened the sovereign bond rating of the United States and that popular opinion does not support the bill or Congress, does adopting health care reform by means of a budget reconciliation represent an act of tyranny on the part of the government of the United States?
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I'm really angry today. I don't know why.

I was feeling really chill for a few days. It's probably going back to that infernal city. I shall try to keep some of the chill and save it for when I need it later.
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This house believes Zeppole make St. Joseph's day the greatest feast on the calendar.
This house needs a KoL clan.
This house misses teaching.
This house doesn't want to run a debate tournament next weekend.
This house hates administrators.
This house would suppress the Dominican Order.
This house is looking forward to Pin the Ice Pick on Trotsky
This house dislikes early vacations.
This house believes that Sean Connery is objectively a better James Bond than Pierce Brosnan
This house believes that failure to agree with the above is legitimate grounds for breaking up.
This house likes it when debaters can speak the King's English.

I got to go into a 9th grade confirmation class and talk about covenant. Like any conversation about God with people that age it really turned into a discussion of heaven and hell, but they were really interested in the stuff I was saying. It happened right after I went to confession and I think it was an important grace, because it reminded me why the hell I bothered with Theology in the first place.

Vacation was relaxing, and I'm overall a happy guy. Alex discovered that the GLBT cable channel my parents inexplicably get plays Buffy, and that makes me happy. All is well.
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My royal anthem would be the riff from Final Countdown
The speech from the throne would be a weekly rant in which the many and varied failures of the legislature would be explicitly outlined.
No university would be able to award a degree without making the person earning it learn things like history and philosophy (which is to say Tacitus and Aristotle).
I would get the best judge rankings at tournaments. Not just debate tournaments, but any competitions I felt like judging. Look out for 1 point deductions in figure skating because I think the song choice is stupid.
In geographically-based competitions, you will have to compete for your nation of primary residence, regardless of ethnicity or national origin.
We'd have a starfleet. Also battlestars.
It would be illegal to call yourself a pagan unless you had a large marble temple, leaping priests in funny outfits, and an appropriate amount of animal sacrifice (unless you were a norse pagan, in which case you'd just need totally inordinate amounts of animal sacrifice).
Latin would be reintroduced as the official language of Earth (Firefly and its badly translated Mandarin can suck it).
Wars would be allowed, but would have to be fought with water balloons (in extreme emergencies, possibly snowballs).
Sad clowns would be heavily taxed. Very heavily taxed.

In other news, my current rant is about why college students shouldn't be allowed to bother legislatures of states they don't actually inhabit or vote in.

Overall, I'm well.
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I've decided to try writing a constitution. It seemed like a good idea, something fun during the break. The preamble and the first section, the charter of rights, has been finished. I decided to use The Commonwealth of New England as the name of the country, because it made me happy to do so. The government will be a federal republic. Some of the writing is lifted from various state constitutions and provisions of the Bill of Rights, edited by me. Feel free to comment.

Read more... )

Some points of interest:

- I specifically wanted to leave open the possibility of not having jury trials, because I think they're ridiculous.
- No right to bear arms, though a right to be protected by militias.
-The Preamble is based on the Massachusetts preamble, which is itself an elaboration of the Mayflower Compact written by John Adams.
-The religious freedom section doesn't have an establishment clause because freedom from religion and non-intercourse between Church and State aren't things I want.
- Article 4 is lifted almost entirely from the Mass. Constitution, and doesn't actually articulate a right to education so much as outline some things every government should do.
- I decided to make a right to form families because it seemed relevant, but there isn't a right to break them up.
- I took out the right to form a nobility, which makes me sad because I want to be a duke someday.
- The way I'd interpret it, a lot of things would be different if this was our bill of rights, but then again, the same is true of the founding fathers and the American constitution.
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You know things in your family are getting weird when you start calling your mother Neville Chamberlain.
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You shouldn't be allowed to try to influence laws in a state you don't live in - no college students from all over creation annoying Beacon Hill, no money from Utah paying for ads in California, none of it. The political decisions of each state are up to its own people, and not anyone else.

The environmental movement is, on the whole, really really really bad at political action, and I wish they'd stop sucking because they're wasting my sisters time.

It's scary that the Simpsons is almost exactly the same age as my sisters.

If Scott Brown wins Teddy's seat, we are going to see a level of tyranny in the United States I am not psychologically prepared to handle. I wish he'd win and we wouldn't see tyranny, because I really hate the healthcare bill.

My dad might end up running a Catholic institution, and that makes me laugh really, really hard. The ironic part is that he'd make more money doing it.

Frat boy war over. EJ is a happy.
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Tell me something good.
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- Bad Theology
- People who prefer Orthodoxy to Catholicism for reasons which are objectively insane.
- Converts
- Protestants who think they can sensibly talk about orthodoxy.
- People who ignore my advise and then are shocked when doing the opposite of what I said doesn't work.
- Badly written, poorly thought-out laws.
- The refusal of the Supreme Court to make high-quality video recordings of its sessions so I can listen to them.
- The gay community.
- Breeders.
- Liberals.
- The second amendment.
- The Hippy/Frat Boy war
- People who haven't read and understood the Summa.
- Debaters
- Non-debaters
- Dr. Hart
- Virgil
- Clark University
- Religion
- France
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Dr. Johnson wanted us to write a poem for my Young Adult Novel class. Here it is:

I am not a Hardy Boy
I am not a Mean Girl
Or a Gossip Girl
Or a Rainbow Boy (okay, maybe a little)

I am not one of the Outsiders
I’m not in the Breakfast Club
or the Dead Poets Society
or the Baby-Sitters Club.

I don’t Cut. I don’t have an Infinite Playlist.
I don’t look Pretty in Pink.
I didn’t get Goosebumps from Twilight.
I don’t read Diaries, even if they’re about Anne Frank
Or Princesses or Part-Time Indians.
And just to be clear, my Pants don’t Travel

I won’t play Ender’s Game,
the Egypt Game, Hunger Games or the Westing Game.
I won’t dig Holes, I won’t Speak
and I definitely won’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead.

I don’t know how to use a Hatchet or a Golden Compass
I won’t give up my Ear, my Eye, or my Arm to fight your Chocolate War
And I’m not convinced there are any Perks to Being a Wallflower

I don’t care whether God was there for Margaret
I don’t care What Jamie Saw
and I really, really don’t care if my Business is Risky.

I’m not Dazed and Confused (most of the time)
I’m not a Monster, a Giver, Godless or a Green Street Hooligan
and I’m not going to list Ten Things I Hate About You (but I could)

I don’t live in a Teenage Wasteland
I don’t live in Loserville
I don’t live on Mango Street
I don’t live in a Paper Town.
My house doesn’t have a Redwall
and my street is entirely free of American Graffiti

This isn’t a Series of Unfortunate Events
and it’s Not Another Teen Movie,
It’s real life. Let’s see you write a book about that.
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