Jan. 10th, 2010

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You shouldn't be allowed to try to influence laws in a state you don't live in - no college students from all over creation annoying Beacon Hill, no money from Utah paying for ads in California, none of it. The political decisions of each state are up to its own people, and not anyone else.

The environmental movement is, on the whole, really really really bad at political action, and I wish they'd stop sucking because they're wasting my sisters time.

It's scary that the Simpsons is almost exactly the same age as my sisters.

If Scott Brown wins Teddy's seat, we are going to see a level of tyranny in the United States I am not psychologically prepared to handle. I wish he'd win and we wouldn't see tyranny, because I really hate the healthcare bill.

My dad might end up running a Catholic institution, and that makes me laugh really, really hard. The ironic part is that he'd make more money doing it.

Frat boy war over. EJ is a happy.

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