Jun. 9th, 2010

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I haven't been writing much, here or anywhere else. More on that in the filter I set up this afternoon. The filter is about mental illness and other things, and if you want to be on it you can comment here or leave a screened comment a couple entries back.

Alex and I had our apartment broken into last night. It was just a temporary place but they got my external and his PS2. I'm a total wreak, he seems to be doing alright, though obviously shaken. It's funny, the stuff we miss is shit we torrented and game saves, not anything else.

It's weird to feel so unsafe. I thought about bringing some of my stuff to work, just to keep an eye on it. It's so irrational. And it's only Wednesday morning - that scares me.

Hats off to Dr. Garpu, for having recently joined the order of stodgy academics and more importantly for having decided to live in the Athens of America.

But it's summer - frappes are 2 for 1 at Newport Creamery on Mondays, Half-price movies on tuesdays, and Love is Lord of Heaven and Earth.

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