Jan. 13th, 2010

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I've decided to try writing a constitution. It seemed like a good idea, something fun during the break. The preamble and the first section, the charter of rights, has been finished. I decided to use The Commonwealth of New England as the name of the country, because it made me happy to do so. The government will be a federal republic. Some of the writing is lifted from various state constitutions and provisions of the Bill of Rights, edited by me. Feel free to comment.

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Some points of interest:

- I specifically wanted to leave open the possibility of not having jury trials, because I think they're ridiculous.
- No right to bear arms, though a right to be protected by militias.
-The Preamble is based on the Massachusetts preamble, which is itself an elaboration of the Mayflower Compact written by John Adams.
-The religious freedom section doesn't have an establishment clause because freedom from religion and non-intercourse between Church and State aren't things I want.
- Article 4 is lifted almost entirely from the Mass. Constitution, and doesn't actually articulate a right to education so much as outline some things every government should do.
- I decided to make a right to form families because it seemed relevant, but there isn't a right to break them up.
- I took out the right to form a nobility, which makes me sad because I want to be a duke someday.
- The way I'd interpret it, a lot of things would be different if this was our bill of rights, but then again, the same is true of the founding fathers and the American constitution.

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