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This house believes Zeppole make St. Joseph's day the greatest feast on the calendar.
This house needs a KoL clan.
This house misses teaching.
This house doesn't want to run a debate tournament next weekend.
This house hates administrators.
This house would suppress the Dominican Order.
This house is looking forward to Pin the Ice Pick on Trotsky
This house dislikes early vacations.
This house believes that Sean Connery is objectively a better James Bond than Pierce Brosnan
This house believes that failure to agree with the above is legitimate grounds for breaking up.
This house likes it when debaters can speak the King's English.

I got to go into a 9th grade confirmation class and talk about covenant. Like any conversation about God with people that age it really turned into a discussion of heaven and hell, but they were really interested in the stuff I was saying. It happened right after I went to confession and I think it was an important grace, because it reminded me why the hell I bothered with Theology in the first place.

Vacation was relaxing, and I'm overall a happy guy. Alex discovered that the GLBT cable channel my parents inexplicably get plays Buffy, and that makes me happy. All is well.
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